Girls have enjoyed their values and attractiveness for thousands of years to confirm the welfare and safety of their offspring. This can be the basis of the feminine psyche. The subconscious is probing for a person who can meet the higher than conditions. The girls’ folks set to marry. They tried to create the bride wealthy enough, the issue of affection went back to the background. By observing internet portals with announcements, page here may be found in the same manner as the extinct way of dating. Although the tools have been modified, the goal remains the same. The internet has replaced our parents, relevant sites are looking for the simplest partners. Today actuality purpose of partnership for one thing so archaic as marriage is no longer hidden. On the opposite hand, job ads are harking back to titillating ads. Ladies do not need to overwork, and best to deal only with their „look”. Men use this in an exceedingly less distrustful way. They provide them maintenance, a sense of security in return and emphasize their masculinity. Is there an area for ordinary mundane love in this crazy world? Based on partnership, trust and responsibility?

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